Have you ever watched a sport live and got that instinctive feeling that something is going to happen? If you have then why not get involved with live betting here at 888sport, so you can put your money where your mouth is! No matter what type of sport you would like to bet on in-play, we’re bound to have markets available for you.
IPL is right now one of the most popular sports for live betting. One of the benefits of live betting is that you can always lock in some profit once you’ve placed a bet, guaranteeing you’ll make a profit.

If you’ve never placed a bet in play with 888sport before you’ll be glad to hear that all new customers get a welcome package which gives you a total of £88 worth of free bets – plenty of money to gamble on in-play markets.

Legal Bettings in India (If you are from India, read this)

The first and foremost question of all who are interested in betting is “Wether betting in India is legal?”, the answer is obvious is a “No”. Then the next question will be “Is is possible for Indians to bet on cricket matches like IPL, CLT and other national and international matches?” The Answer is: Yes, and its 100% possible for an Indian to bet on those matches.

Betting or gambling is illegal in most of India. But there is no law that makes online betting an illegal activity. Offshore betting companies are apparently using this ‘loophole’ to lure Indians to bet on pretty much everything. The Indian Premier League (IPL) tops their lists now and some websites have even hooked up with offshore betting agencies, thereby allowing Indians to place online bets.

In short we can say “betting is Legally Illegal but you can bet online in India”.

“On 4 March 2009, the Government of Sikkim (Finance, Revenue and Expenditure Department) issued a memorandum known as Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Rules, 2009. This outlines the rules and regulations for online gambling licensing within that state.

“However, if an Indian resident decides to place bets on a website hosted outside the country, it would be difficult to hold him guilty of online gambling if the laws of the country where the website is hosted, permits online gambling,” he said.

Read more about Legal Betting in India.
You can also read “Hindustan Times” post “how online betting is legal in India


How to join www.888sport.com

Step 1: Goto this link

Step 2: A page shown below will open, then click on “Create Account” as shown in image below:



Sept 3: Fill your details and create your account.

Step 4: After creating your account, if you want to bet on IPL matches or any other sports, then you need to add money in your 888sport account.

Step 5: To add money click on “Cashier” button (available on top right corner). There are many option to add money, but I will suggest you to add money using “NETELLER (it is a e-money service)”


Why to use NETELLER for online Gambling? (read this, if you are from India)

One of the biggest challenges Indians face using gambling sites, is a safe and secure method to deposit and withdrawal. Perhaps the best solution to this challenge is www.neteller.com – a free online e-wallet that acts much like an online bank account. Once you’ve opened an account at their website you can load funds to your NETELLER account using your credit card or bank account, when you want to cash the funds out you can request an e-check online, and in less than a week the money is in your bank account. NETELLER members can transfer funds to one another, making this an ideal peer to peer payment solution. The much larger draw – almost all online gambling sites accept NETELLER deposits, and almost all online gambling sites will also allow you to withdrawal your winnings to your NETELLER account.

What this all means – when you’re a NETELLER account holder, you can deposit and withdrawal at www.888sport.com using your Indian bank account. The best news is your bank will have no idea you’re gambling online because all transactions to and from will be marked NETELLER as opposed to the gambling site. Considering NETELLER is also a leader in peer to peer transactions – these having nothing to do with gambling – it’s unlikely your bank is going to question the nature of the transactions.


Step 6: Click here to create a NETELLER Account.

Step 7: After creating your NETELLER account, goto your Account dashboard and click on “Money In“, as shown below. Choose your Card type and add money.

You can add as much as you want. Minimum you need 20$.


Once you have added money in your NETELLER account, then you are all ready to add money in your 888sport account.

Step 8: Now goto your 888sport account and add money using “NETELLER”. Enter your “E-mail ID” and “Secure ID(which you have created in Neteller account)”.


Step 9: After adding money, you are all ready to start betting. Just goto “Sport>Cricket”, as shown below:


There you will find plenty of Matches to bet on. Just check out upcoming IPL matches and start earning.

Have Fun!

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